What We Do

Beautiful Images & Relevant Messages

To us, a relevant message is simple: an honest message. We aren’t particularly interested in persuasion, arm-twisting, or making something pretty for the sake of making it pretty. Beautiful ideas, whether world-changing, community-changing, or just day-changing, are inherently beautiful. We just want to give those the face and voice to match. An honest message that is worth being communicated will be, and should be, beautiful.

There are a lot of design firms, branding studios, marketing agencies, etc. We are not unique in our profession. So when you work with us, we aren’t only grateful, but excited. Excited to partner with you, learn about your goals, and figure out how to vividly and honestly relate them to your audience.

We love to trust our clients and earn our clients’ trust. We love to make friends with them along the way. We love to help our friends tell their stories. So, let’s be friends.

Who We Are

Travis Ladue

Principal / Art Director

Travis was born and raised in sun soaked Phoenix, Arizona. There he developed an affinity for Chorizo burritos and the movie Tombstone. After bouncing around the country, Travis, his wife Alex, and their Basset Hounds, relocated to Denver to found Mast and be closer to family.

Jake Trahan


Jake is the only member of the Mast team to be a Denver native, and the only member to have an affinity towards all things geek. He was raised a musician, takes gaming way too seriously, is awestruck by space, and finds enjoyment in watching subtitled Japanese animation. Jake can be found playing drums in his band, using a telescope, playing video games, or spending time with his fiancé Brittney and his Dachshund, Atlas.

Frederick Worthington

Chief Nap Officer

Fred the dog hails from the mean streets of Oak Cliff, Dallas. Since his rough upbringing, Fred has acclimated to the posh office life. Taking advantage of the comfortable sofa and ample rays of sunlight. He enjoys chasing tennis balls, but not bringing them back, and re-runs of Seinfeld.