Allen Roth

Talk the Walk

Allen Roth came to Mast knowing exactly what he needed: To offer an attention to detail that garners the kind of premium real estate opportunities he is representing. Mast helped Roth create a brand that illustrates a premium quality that parallels the immaculate homes of his Beverly Hills showings.

Pitch Meets Dock

It is difficult for a “premium” brand to stand out in Beverly Hills. In order to do this, we chose to mash up a series of unrelated motifs. By utilizing a bizarre visual equation of rugby, sailing, and secret societies we created a unique brand that stood apart from competitors.

A real estate agent’s license number must be present on all marketing materials. In order to do this in a seamless way, we chose to embrace its character and create a secondary brand element out of  it. This approach was in stark contrast to the industry norm, which is to minimize and attempt to hide the license number.