AMM Designs

Modernizing Midwestern Landscaping

AMM wants to look like the work they want to do. The branding of the landscaping market is flooded with faux textures, illustrated landscapes and Papyrus. Everything Papyrus. In order to stand apart from their competitors, we chose to draw inspiration from the the simple, clean and geometric work they create.

Bright & Consistent

To rollout the new brand, we put together a simple set of correspondence for AMM to reach out to their customer base to share both the aesthetics of their new brand, as well as how it correlates with the work they produce.

A Step Further

Custom wildflower seed packets were created as self-promo material to be handed out at shows, markets and in mailers. Understanding that the home is such an intimate place to be invited to work at, it was important to AMM to make a connection with customers beyond just an advertisement.