Back to the Basics

A Small Print Shop has become the go-to printer in Denver, CO. Through their success, they’ve evolved and grown, and a rebrand was needed moving forward. Previously ASPS had been both a printer and a design studio. Realizing their strength was in high quality printing, they phased out their design arm. They then approached Mast about a new brand that would represent this more focused mission.

The new ASPS brand focuses on the idea that they’re fantastic at the fundamentals of printing. The brand’s rigid structure is based on lettering that could be made with the actual pull of a printing squeegee. The lettering, paired with Helvetica and a stark black and white palette, is at its simplest at all times so the attention to detail of their work shines through.

Once the ASPS wordmark was created, we expanded the letterforms into an entire typeface based on a 6 X 5 square grid. With their love of print, they ran with the brand, printing anything they could with the new typeface. The consistency between all materials, linked by the typeface, brings character to the brand allowing for sarcastic copy that contrasts well with the rigid forms.


Furthering the idea of fundamentals and simplicity, brand collateral took a straight forward approach with copy. This allowed for a professional brand that doesn’t take itself too serious.

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