Community Pizzeria


Let’s Have a Pizza Party

Community says it all with their name. They love the idea of friends meeting around a fire, just that in this instance there’s a gourmet pizza in that fire. Community wanted a brand that felt like a scout troop who was earning their pizza badge. Needless to say, that’s a brand brief we can get behind.

Seeing the colors in their portfolio, I knew they'd create a brand that would stand out from the dreary grays of the Coastal Northwest. - Michael Paul | Owner & Operator

The entire Community brand is created to feel as though it was pulled straight from the pages of scout troop guide book. Various badges and lock-ups all work together to create a cohesive brand family.

Come on Baby Light My Fire

The first pizza patrons were were given custom matches as promotional material to further the scout themed brand and remind customers their pizza was handmade in a wood-fire oven.


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