Lonely Standard

Website LonelyStandard.com

A Name and a Bold Claim

When Lonely Standard approached Mast, our first question was of course about the name. The answer was one of the best brand narratives that has ever been presented to us. Lonely Standard is a commercial film studio that strives to hold themselves to a standard that requires a sense of work ethic, attention to detail, and unrelenting pursuit of quality that isn’t often found. To Wheeler and Brett, this is a standard that few have the endurance to pursue. Thus, it is a Lonely Standard.

The Lonely Composition Book

Seeing how personally and emotionally invested they are in their work inspired us to honor that connection. While working together, we noticed stacks of the classic composition books that the partners kept notes in. We created a brand pattern that gave a nod to the classic black and white composition book pattern, which utilized the triangle of the main Lonely Standard icon.

The mark is meant to illustrate the few who keep the “lonely standard.” That is, those who draw a hard line and put in the work that it takes to be the lonely few at the top of the mountain.