Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Strategy
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Jun 2022


An award-winning product firm that guides clients through the complexities of innovation to deliver better, faster, and more sustainable success.

Unlocking the Power of Innovation

Delve is a multidisciplinary product innovation firm that brings bold ideas to market. For 55 years they have mobilized the best experts and technologies for their clients—along the way they have earned 1,500 patents and 200 design awards.

They help their clients solve challenging problems through human-centered strategy, design, and engineering in their end-to-end process. This approach, honed over decades, guides their clients the whole way—from the spark of creation to product launch.

In 2020 Delve merged with Bresslergroup after joining to form one of the largest product innovation firms in the world; Delve and Bresslergroup united under one name—Delve. After this historic merger, they approached Mast to help unify their brand. We worked with them to develop an identity that unites these two groups under one name and one identity. One that better represents how Delve works.

Website: Howells Studio
Copywriting: Kate Smith
Animation: John Camalick

Experts in insights, strategy, design, and engineering, Delve helps guide their clients through an end-to-end innovation process that delivers results. Over four offices, their thorough, multidisciplinary approach offers solutions that work in healthcare & medical device, consumer, commercial, transportation, fitness, startup, pharmaceutical, and alternative energy to provide exceptional results.

Delve needed to reintroduce itself in a big way. One that did not feel like a re-hashing of their legacy identity. We started with an updated wordmark, with a hidden arrow that dips below the surface to represent their practice of diving deep for meaning and understanding, grounding their strategy in deep analysis and data.

We paired that with a balanced symbol that hints at their heritage in physical products by utilizing three dimensions. We also created a balance between the physical and digital by implying a nod to brackets. Finally, by creating the feeling of push and pull, we can allude to the balance of the complexities of innovation.

To help expand the brand’s visual language, we created a pattern system based on the creativity and rigor of the symbol. The underlying grid, based on the symbol’s construction, provides solid and endless possibilities for patterns. The pattern grid is inspired by the Delve team’s penchant for sketching, modeling, and getting back to the basics for each project. Resulting in a vast array of patterns that can be utilized across various use cases.

After the merger, Delve needed a way to combine their expertise and create a new way to introduce themselves verbally; we worked with Kate Smith to help establish a copy and tone strategy to serve Delve better moving forward.

To bring these two groups under one roof, we worked with Howells Studio to create a digital home for Delve that showcases their innovative work without standing in the way—allowing the work to shine. The robust and engaging site helps tell the story of the company to create a beautiful and elegant home for Delve.

The Delve team needed a way to help tell stories and clarify more complex ideas through illustration. So we worked with them to help create a suite of illustrations and icons that brought humanity into the brand.

Back to basics. The Delve team are true believers in an end-to-end process that consistently starts with sketching and prototyping. To help showcase this dedication to their process, we incorporated renderings into their collateral—allowing their clients and prospective clients to gain better insight into their process.

Along with the renderings, we wanted to establish an approach to showcasing projects in outward-facing brand touchpoints. While the website showcases the work and allows the brand to take a back seat, for out-of-home instances, we wanted to utilize their collective work under the brand to show their varied expertise across industries.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Jun 2022