Deliverable Art Direction, Branding
Sector Technology
Year Oct 2018


Taking the guesswork out of planning a night on the town by helping people find new and exciting live events near them.

Ticketing. Evolved.

Goldstar is a ticketing platform that helps people find new and exciting live events near them. They were in need of an update to their identity that would allow them to stand out in their market. The process started by developing a strong, timeless foundation for the brand through the symbol and wordmark. We then began to rethink the color system to own gold as the primary color, previously they had used blue as their main color, which was saturated in the market. We moved the blue to the secondary palette and began to start adding expressive design elements to bring warmth and excitement into the brand. Resulting in a hand-made, expressive feeling across the buildout of the brand, accomplished in a way that doesn’t feel vintage or fleeting.

We worked alongside our good friend Mackey Saturday to create this brand and bring it to life. A big thanks to our former intern Dana Kingery for all the help on this project.

In the digital buildout of the brand, it was essential to bring the energy of the events to life, we achieved this through the use of a myriad of hand-drawn elements that could mix and layer with any supplied imagery. These elements would interact and re-arrange with each new instance, forming a new and exciting experience with each new piece of the brand.

This system naturally carried over into the physical buildout, producing a holistic brand across all mediums.

Previously the brand used multiple stars in the symbol and app icon. We shifted to simplify this down to a single star, helping create a unique and ownable symbol that would be more recognizable and create a stronger link to the name. We developed the mark to feel expressive, like the system, while remaining strong and timeless.

Much like the digital buildout, it was necessary to bring the energy of the events to life in the physical buildout of the brand. These buildout pieces convey the unique events and experiences that Goldstar helps to bring to their customers. Exciting and enticing passers-by to experience the service for themselves.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Technology
Year Oct 2018