Deliverable Art Direction, Branding
Sector Non Profit
Year Feb 2016

Ground Breakers

Ground Breakers, an initiative by Food For the Hungry, works to help build self-sustaining communities in poverty stricken areas.

New Territory

Food For the Hungry launched their Ground Breakers initiative to fund the entrance and development of communities experiencing extreme poverty and without the access to clean water.

They do this by working closely with the communities to develop self-sustaining systems. This allows the departure of the Ground Breakers team once a project is complete, providing opportunities for the team to move into a new community.

We started by developing a strong symbol. It’s form representing breaking ground, the communities strengthened by the initiative, and upward movement. With the symbol in place we were able to build out the brand and develop a cohesive look across all mediums.

We developed a booklet to help launch the initiative, provide insight, and target new sponsors.

Ground Breakers targets sponsors of all types; foundations, corporations and individual philanthropists all lead the charge in funding the entrance into new communities.

We expanded the brand system to allow the symbol to be used as a frame for photography, as seen on our set of posters promoting the initiative.

These frames create a stronger connection to the symbol and the message of strengthening communities.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Non Profit
Year Feb 2016