Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Signage
Sector Food & Beverage
Year Dec 2023

Pizzeria Alberico

A cherished family-owned restaurant specializing in Neapolitan pizza on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Forza Alberico

Pizza has always been a familial tradition, and the team at Pizzeria Alberico are no strangers to this tradition—formerly Pizzeria Locale, a Boulder staple nestled on bustling Pearl Street, the restaurant stands as a beloved cornerstone. A family-owned establishment named for Owner Bobby Stuckey’s father-in-law, Dick Alberico, the restaurant embodies a familial ambiance, welcoming patrons as cherished guests into the space and making them feel at home.

Their restaurant underwent a complete transformation and emerged with a renewed identity as Pizzeria Alberico. This evolution marked a significant chapter in their journey—a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and the celebration of Neapolitan culinary traditions.

They approached Mast to embark on this transformative journey together to redefine their restaurant’s essence. Recognizing the pivotal moment to reimagine their identity, our expertise became the catalyst for crafting a brand that beautifully marries Italy’s design legacy with contemporary elements, resulting in a truly unique identity.

Photography: Brandon Lopez

Inspired by the rich visual history of Italy, Italian design, and the spirit of Naples, paired with the trademarks of modern rigor. With this perfect blend, we have built a truly unique identity for the team at Alberico. This all started with a fully custom wordmark based on the historical signage found in Naples and Italy at large. This wordmark ushers in a new chapter for the space and beautifully builds a new history.

Through a mix of warm and cool colors, we bring the spirit of Naples to life within the brand. The warm colors come from the buildings found within the town, whereas the cool colors are inspired by the picturesque Naples Gulf and SSC Napoli.

These colors come to life within the brand in the collateral, building, and ephemera.

Anyone who has been to Naples will of course, have come into contact with the effigy of Diego Maradona. We brought in a subtle nod to the Napoli legend by featuring one of the many images of Diego found on the buildings in Naples.

In traditional Italian football fashion, we created a crest for Alberico inspired by SSC Napoli, the team that enthralls and inspires the people of Naples. In the crest itself, we can see an illusion to the letter A, the globe, and a simplified Italian flag. A modern crest with multiple meanings that harkens to a rich history.

To bring a subtle decorative element to the buildout of the brand, we looked to create patterns based on a mix of the rich history of mosaic work in Italy, paired with the checkered flags flown by the fans of Napoli.

Through this combination, we created a myriad of different formations for the patterns, allowing them to be utilized on menus, pizza platters, and to-go materials.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Food & Beverage
Year Dec 2023