Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Signage
Sector Non Profit
Year Jan 2018

Downtown Denver Partnership

Partnering with those in the private sector and those in government, the Downtown Denver Partnership is a bridge, creating and facilitating meaningful change in Denver.

Invest In Tomorrow. Execute For Today.

For more than 60 years, the Downtown Denver Partnership has convened, collaborated, and led a bold vision to build an economically powerful center city. With a bias for action, they invest in tomorrow and execute for today, converging the right people at the right time to make an Impact.

With a future-forward mission at hand, they had a brand that was stuck in the past. The partnership came to Mast in need of a brand that was more in-line with their vision. Something that could stand the test of time, while looking towards the future.

Interior / exterior photos by Brandon Lopez.

When it came down to the build-out of the brand, it was quickly evident that some sort of pattern or illustration was needed to help strengthen and inform the brand.

We developed a pattern consisting of circles and squares, all in varied shades of blue. The shapes are set on a square grid, mimicking the layout of downtown Denver streets, with the circles symbolizing all the areas that are targeted and being improved by the partnership.

This pattern is used throughout their printed collateral, office space, and even on banners at 16th Street Mall.

Before and after.

The original mark was based on a landmark clock tower on the famous 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. While this landmark was and still is a historic structure, it is not one that is widely known or easily recognized in Denver, even by natives.

Along with the partnership, we decided that to help create a symbol that would stand the test of time, it could no longer be inspired by the ever-changing landscape. Something that would be abstract, strong, and could grow over time with DDP and the city.

We worked closely with the DDP team and Gensler to design the interior of their new office space. Ensuring a faithful and unobtrusive execution of the brand in the physical space. We worked with them on signage, wayfinding, environmental graphics, and material choices throughout the entirety of the office.

Unified wayfinding system used throughout the new DDP office space.

In early 2018, the partnership moved into their new office on 16th Street Mall. We worked closely with them to help seamlessly carry the brand into this space.

We re-developed the pattern to work in two different formats throughout the office. A more solid pattern to be used for privacy from the internal corridor of the building and a “shutter” style pattern to be used throughout the private offices and meeting rooms to create added privacy.

When developing the symbol, it was imperative that we showcase the close tie between the development of Downtown Denver, and the partnership itself.

We created a symbol consisting of two intertwined squares, representing DDP and Denver respectively. Woven together, unbreakable, and dependant on each other. Showing how strong Denver is because of DDP.

Custom designed signage for restrooms. Developed to be evocative of the pattern and fit nicely into the mostly blue and white interior of the office.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Non Profit
Year Jan 2018